Enter a New Consciousness:  HOLY SIGHT…for the earth…and the sky…

Needed NOW is a new consciousness.
The Changeless One does bring the change.
Nothing happens except through consciousness.
We are opening to Divine Consciousness, leaving human belief in separation
     and fear and endless disaster and miscreations.
The world is within. The Power is within. We may create anew.
Make conscious contact with the Inner One of Love and change…it does come.
We are collectively gathering in the Field of Light…and change…it does come.

An invitation to sacred relationships…with everyone and everything and everyplace…for we are One…and there is no opposition.  And change…it comes…

What may we do about the ‘outer picture’? How may we create change?
We all are invited to take the time to live in the new Consciousness.

It is a simple and ancient practice of the mystical as the practical:

Begin by letting go of all desire to save, change, heal, judge, control or manipulate the outer world, the earth, the sky, that which we know as Nature. No matter how bad is the appearance world.

Begin by opening to the universal Law of Balance in all of Nature that is inviolate and inexorable. Realize that Nature Herself will keep the Balance and the Harmony. Humans must align to that Essence of Life and allow. Oneness IS. Intelligence IS.

Be willing to experience the Spiritual Universe that Already IS.
Be willing to realize that the World is within.
Be willing to see that the earth is Already Saved.
Be willing to drop all the fears borne of the belief of separation, creating the sense of separation from the One.
Be willing to drop the beliefs, concepts, opinions, theories borne of that sense of separation.
Be willing to let go of belief in conflict, battle, war…opposition…of all kinds…

MEDITATION / Identify with the Inner One: below is a simple way:

Enter now your Heart. Enter through the use of the One Breath.  Be the transparent Being that you are, breathing in the omnipresent Essence of Life through all the cells of your Body. Feel this Essence in, through, around and most especially, AS, every cell. Feel on a Soul level. That is the key. Feel this Essence. Open to this Essence. It is who and what you are. Open to feel. Inhalation and exhalation…feeling this presence, spirit.

Feel this Bath of Light. Identify with It. Know It as your very Self. The Only Self. The One Self. The One Soul.

Now, know this to be the Truth for everyone, everything, everyplace. Know this as the Truth for weather, climate, people, plants, galaxies, star systems and on.

Know this as the Truth through feeling.  Here is a way to create that experience:

Be aware of or imagine the earth and sky (Mother Earth and Father Sky). See them in an orb or sphere of pure white light. Include all of the inhabitants of this precious earth.

Now be aware of them in the sphere of light as they also do the One Breath. Inhalation. Exhalation. Breathe with them. And feel it. Feel them breathe in this Essence of pure omnipresent Light, just as you did for your Self, remembering there is only One Self.

Be aware that you are moving now from a human consciousness with endless beliefs in separation. (Be aware that humanity is often focused on miscreations, the bad, in this unending epic drama of duality. Feeding ever the sense of conflict.) This movement now is from this human consciousness to Spiritual Consciousness. The One Consciousness that sees with holy sight, sacred vision beyond the appearance world of miscreation. 

Begin to see the Truth about the world.  Begin to feel the earth and the sky and all of the inhabitants in their True Identity. Feel the unconditioned love rise from within your Self.

Be a part of the immense global Soul Awakening to see and feel with Sacred Vision and Holy Sight.

Be aware of the sky and the earth and all of the inhabitants as Light.  No longer are you anxious about the external world. You are acknowledging the Truth, the Reality, that you may be a vessel through which the One Consciousness may live.  You are realizing that All are One. Be a transparency for the One.

Consciousness is who and what you are. All are. Pure I Am Awareness. 
It is the Changeless One.
The Changeless does bring the changes.
Make contact with that Changeless One. Dimensionless, even.
The Intelligence that is the One has free reign through our very Being.
And CHANGE…it comes…
Harmony is natural…it comes…



Q - What about ACTION? What about doing something about the earth and the sky disasters?
A -  Be extraordinarily aware and alert, as you are doing Holy Sight for the earth, her inhabitants and the sky. Listen. Listen deeply into the Silence that is the only One. Revelations come. Awareness comes. Trust what comes.

       Some people have roles of doing inner work and simply being.
       To others is revealed very prominent and strong purposeful actions.
        Both are perfect. We are all different and have endless forms in the giving!

                            rather than
              reaction borne of fear and anger
      There is a vast difference. Reaction may keep one imprisoned in the false sense of separation.
Q - How long shall one do Holy Sight…for the earth and the sky?
A - Until one feels the impulse, indication or energy that reveals that you are complete. Feel it. It is different for everyone. The practice allows you to deepen to subtle awareness.
Q -  How often should one do this practice of Holy Sight…for the earth and the sky?
A -  Anytime one is guided and/or feels fear, anger, etc. around a situation or condition.
Q - What if I do not believe that there is no opposition?
A - Then don’t believe me or anyone. Just ask within to Know the Truth.
       You will not learn that from anyone outside of you. And should you
        move forward with the belief of the One and opposition to the One,
        then buy a shield and play the game a little longer.
Q -  Should I practice this alone or with others?
A -  Either. And the energy is very strong when we begin to gather in the
       Silent Field of Light with other ones.
Q -  Is this a form of forgiveness?
A - When we see the ALL in its True Identity as the One Soul, the One
        Consciousness, then who and what is there to forgive? We have seen
        beyond the beliefs and the actions borne of those false beliefs and
        compassion is borne in our hearts. And an exalted love for the One
        that is ever inclusive does arise. And change…does come.

****Please feel free to pass this on through the internet, etc. as a way to
        invite the world into Holy Sight of the earth, her inhabitants and the sky.
        And disasters  shall end.  And the new culture continues her illumined birth into unprecedented Oneness Consciousness where all actions are done for the good of the Whole!

Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah is a mystic artist, writer, spiritual educator. The simple practice above is shared in detail in her book, The Holy Sight.  Mary has worked with thousands worldwide since 1988. She has assisted many with earth related situations. She has led many into the feeling of Galactic Shamanism, the as above, so below, via retreats of being One with the elements and the kingdoms of the earth.

Mary is available for Soul Sessions/Soul Retreats and Holy Sight workshops based on her book, The Holy Sight. Mary also shows mystic Art of the Soul to ones that are interested in visionary sacred art that has been created as a transmission of Consciousness.

***I am sorry that I do not have time for personal comments and questions. If you want to do the Soul Work and/or organize a Holy Sight workshop or purchase an original or an art reproduction, please contact me. Websites are listed below.

In Beauty,
Mary Saint-Marie                 



ONE does make a world of difference.